UpStreet Kids

In UpStreet, kids will play, learn, and grow in the ways that work for your child at their age. 

UpStreet Jr. serves kids 0-PreSchool and UpStreet serves kids K-5th Grades! 

We desire to have kids:

KNOW : Who is God is through Bible basics and worship.

GROW : In community with each other and in their personal faith journey with Jesus Christ.

SHOW : Who God is by reaching out to others. 

Check out options below for your child.

Fill out the UpStreet Registration Sheet before you even come through the doors!


Children's Ministries

No matter what age your children are, there are plenty of opportunities for them to plug in and learn who God is in age and phase they are in! 

If you have any questions, Contact Chris Duran.

UpStreet Registration Form - Fill it out before you even come in the doors!

  • UpStreet Jr.

    Nurseries & PreSchool

    Littles need a different type of care as they grow, and UpStreet Jr. provides babies loving arms and preschoolers with all sorts of things to discover as they learn what God's love looks like.

    Contact Chris Duran

  • Upstreet

    K-5th Grades

    Kindergarten through 5th grades have the opportunity every Sunday morning to go to church just for their age! Fun, games, worship, learning, and getting to know friends in their own way, so they can grow in their own faith. 

    Contact Chris Duran

  • Cadets & GEMS

    Boys & Girls clubs

    Continue to grow throughout the week!

    2nd & 4th Wednesday nights at MCRC. 6-7:30pm. Snacks provided.

    Runs September - May.

    Boys ages 7-17

    Girls grades K-8th

    Cadets - Contact Brian Buter

    GEMS - Contact Sharry Curtis

    Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM for Cadets & GEMS right HERE!

  • 1. Back to School Rhythm

    The transition from summertime to back-to-school can happen so quickly that we’re already in our new routine before we even realize it. Here are some

    suggestions for how to create an intentional and meaningful back-to-school rhythm for your child.

                      Preschool          Elementary          Middle School         High School

    2. Partnering with Your Kid's Teacher

    It’s that time of year and whether your kids are tromping off to elementary school or driving themselves to high school, this is a great time to get intentional about supporting and encouraging the adults who invest in your kid every day at school. 

    We’ve got some great ideas to get you started. Sprinkle these throughout the year, but don’t do them at the holidays—everyone does stuff for teachers then. (“Oh, another coffee mug.”)


    3. Chores & Work Lists

    A guide on introducing your kids to responsibility, showing them what it means to be a part of a family, and preparing them for their future. Get yours here!

    4. 21 Questions to Get to Know Your Kid

    Some easy questions to ask your kids. Their answers may surprise you!

                       Preschool          Elementary          Middle School         High School

    5. 30 Day Prayer Calendar

    This 30-Day Prayer Calendar was created as a tool to help you pray daily for your family. Each day consists of a prayer prompt. While there are “weekly” themes, if you miss days in between, that’s okay! Just pick up where you left off.  30 DAY CALENDAR