Reaching Out

MCRC partners with many ministries in Mason County and with others beyond! Check out the ministries we support here.

  • West Shore Pregnancy Care Center is a non-profit Christian ministry caring for those with pregnancy related concerns and mothers of young children by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Their greatest desire is to enable those they serve to make positive, life-giving choices for themselves and their children and to become whole in Christ. Click here to learn more! 

    Contact WSPFS here.

  • Dominican Republic Outreach

    MCRC is connected with Lighthouse Christian School and the city of Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic, where teams are sent 1-2 times a year. Many are also involved in sponsoring a child in that area so they can attend school and eat a meal.

    Contact Sheila Leese

  • Coat Ministry

    We're starting a coat- sharing campaign. We'll be collecting coats to share with those in need of a bit of warmth. We'll add a little note of encouragement and love in the pocket, and hang them on the 'coat sharing' rack between the two front doors (facing US-10). Please feel free to drop your coat donations in Pastor Seth's office, and we'll put them on the rack with the notes! Thank you for helping spread the word to those who may need a coat as well as those who may have coats to give! Contact Chris Bentz with questions! 

  • Our mission is to eliminate local childhood hunger — one child at a time. We also believe prayer is as equally important as the food we distribute, and are committed to praying for each and every student.

    MCRC partners with Scottville Schools to deliver backpacks of food each weekend throughout the school year. 

    Contact Mary DeWys to get involved!

  • Kids Hope USA builds life-changing relationships one at a time: One Child. One Hour. One School. One Church.

    MCRC partners with Scottville Elementary Schools to create one on one mentorships with a child and a consistent adult. Click to learn more!

    Contact Mary DeWys to get involved!

  • Prayer & Quilt Ministry

    A group of ladies gathers to piece together quilts for encouraging those who could use it, whether they are going through a health issue or a hard time. These folks don't need to be apart of the church. It can be for anyone in the community! They pray over the person and get the quilt to them, to remind them that they are being prayed for and thought of. You can request a quilt or join these ladies in helping put them together. No need to know how to sew - there is a job for all! Just email us here to get more details and plugged in, as well as to request a quilt for someone.