in your Discipleship to Jesus

Here at Mason County Reformed Church, we believe it is vital to grow as you follow Jesus.

All too often, we pitch a tent at the base of the mountain journey and forget to continue climbing. Jesus is calling us to grow in Him and with Him.

Click "HOW CAN I GROW?" below to help you determine where you are on your journey and how you can continue to grow. 

After doing so, please utilize the tools below to help you grow in your journey here at MCRC.

You will find teachings, topics, and resources for each one of these, call them Spiritual Disciplines.

  • Silence & solitude

    The spiritual practice of removing yourself from the chaos of our modern, 

    digital age to refocus

    and reconnect with God.

    digital age to refocus

    and reconnect with God.

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  • Sabbath

    The Sabbath is a day blessed by God and set aside for

    rest and worship; 

    a weekly celebration, 

    almost like a holiday.

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  • Community

    We were created by a triune god living in perfect relationship. god made us in his image and imparted community into the way we are wired. 

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  • Prayer

    Prayer is the center-point of life with God. It should be woven into the fabric of our morning routine, 

    our weekly schedule.

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  • Fasting

    Fasting is the willingness to abstain, particularly from food, and is one of the most abused and unused practices of following jesus

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  • SCRIPTURE Reading

    all scripture is god breathed and is alive. in the beginning god spoke and is continuing to speak to us through the power of his word.

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External Resources

These are external resources that we want to make available to you.

"Life Training" will open you up to specific life areas that another church community has made available to the public.

"Right Now Media" opens you to bible studies, books, and videos to help you in your journey.