Sabbath comes from the Hebraic word Shabat, which literally means to stop or cease.

God created this earth, all of the plant and animal inhabitants, with the culmination of creation being man.

God then blesses the seventh day, introducing the first mention of something being holy: Rest.

This blessing of Sabbath is a foundational principle God imparts to humanity.

Below you will find examples, teachings, and resources that will help guide you in this pursuit of Shabat.

  • Before you begin putting this into practice with your community, we suggest you listen to some or all of these teachings on Sabbath.

    (To access, click "Teachings" or the photo on the left)

  • As you practice Sabbath, we strongly suggest that you find a book that will not only encourage you but give you some food for thought as you work this rhythm of rest into your weekly routine. These are some of our recommended readings. 

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  • (To access, click "Sabbath" or the photo on the left)

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