Merry Pandemic Christmas Series

2020 has truly been an unusual and an extraordinary year.  We survived a political impeachment, a divided election saturated with non-stop attack ads and legal challenges, destructive riots pitting political and ethnic groups against each other while destroying infrastructure and burning buildings and even a pandemic virus that has taken lives and affected millions across the globe.  Consequently, these activities have created an environment in which people are afraid of being cancelled for not being on the right side.  They have created a lasting anxiety and anger between people of competing political and pandemic positions.  They have created an environment in which businesses and churches are shut down all in the name of a national emergency.  How does one celebrate Christmas in such an environment?  Believe it or not, there is hope.  Most of these same dynamics were active during that first Christmas and yet the power, grace and glory of God shined through.  This year we will look at this, less than perfect, environment to learn how to revel in the glory of God in the midst of such extraordinary times.  May we all have a “Merry Pandemic Christmas.”

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