FOCUS: The Fundamentals of Biblical Interpretation Series

Have you ever taken a picture with a camera or phone only to realize when you look back at it, that it’s “fuzzy?” What’s interesting is that even though the photo is unfocused it still has a faint glimpse of the image that formed it. You can still see the colors and even the blurred outlines of objects or people, but many times the final unfocused picture is so significantly distorted that the full realization of the original is indiscernible. This is what Biblical interpretation can be like for many of us. We read or we hear explanations on passages that may give us some faint glimpses of truth, but because we lack the fundamentals to gain a focused shot, we are simply left with a distorted interpretation from the original intent. Even worse, we sometimes share these distorted glimpses of the original as focused truths to those who don’t have an experience of the original to compare it to. Over the next few weeks we’ll look at the fundamentals of Biblical interpretation, fundamentals that can help us bring focus to the inspired truth we all so desperately need in our lives.

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